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Ahmad Atwan

Ahmad Atwan is a recognized expert in the global energy industry, having spent over a decade in energy private equity, preceded by a decade as an entrepreneur and senior executive at energy companies

Ahmad Atwan has worked closely with management teams of companies across the energy sector including:

  • Oil and natural gas exploration and production
  • Midstream oil and gas (pipelines, processing plants, etc.)
  • Downstream energy (refineries, export terminals, etc.)
  • Energy services
  • Renewable fuels (including ethanol)
  • Renewable power

Born in Kuwait, Ahmad Atwan grew up in a country with an economy dominated by oil and gas (95% or more of GDP at the time).  Since then, he has had a lifelong involvement in the industry. 

As a student at Harvard University, Ahmad Atwan, earned a degree in Economics with the highest distinction.  Ahmad Atwan focused on macro-economic issues that impact the energy industry, and also specialized in international relations and international economics and the politics of oil.

As a graduate student at the University of Oxford, Ahmad Atwan was one of 32 Americans selected as a Rhodes Scholar.  At Oxford, Ahmad Atwan earned a Masters in International Relations.  Ahmad Atwan focused on the intersection of international relations and energy economics and security, writing extensively about such topics as the dynamics of the US-Saudi relationship. 

Ahmad Atwan examined closely the role that oil played in guiding and influencing that relationship, and he conducted primary research by interviewing leaders in both the US and Saudi Arabia to gain unique insights into the relationship between the two countries.

Ahmad Atwan

Since completing his studies, Ahmad Atwan has devoted his career to the energy industry as an entrepreneur, executive, and investor

As an entrepreneur, Ahmad Atwan has founded companies (including energy technology and renewable energy companies) that have generated strong returns for their investors.

As an executive, Ahmad Atwan has helped grow companies as a member of their senior management teams, with a relentless focus on capital efficiency, cash flow generation, and accretive growth (primarily organic).

As private equity executive, Ahmad Atwan has focused on generating outsized returns for his investors.  His operating background and lifelong focus on the energy sector bring the credibility and expertise necessary to work with senior management teams and to drive change.  This has led to a number of successful investments in the upstream and midstream sectors, where growth came through operational excellence and customer acquisition.  Ahmad Atwan focused on organic growth and on avoiding acquisitions that were often too costly in a very “hot” market.

Ahmad Atwan continues to be devoted to driving change and adding value to all aspects of the energy market and to helping create value throughout the cycles.

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